OK guys & gals! Let’s talk about SEX!

With such a wide range of angles to go by on this subject, I think it’s best to just get right into it!

We all think about sex – it’s a huge part of our short lives.

My relationship with sex has evolved dramatically over the years. I have been through many different stages in my life. These consist of a series of one night stands in my youth. (no regrets) its all learning.

The old ‘walk of shame’ was quite common in my party years – didn’t blink an eye! It was usually and most probably terrible sex that I couldn’t even remember, but I would be ‘faking’ the scream just to make it seem awesome! …. only to wake up with the smell of sex, vodka and cigarettes throughout the un-coziest of rooms with yucky ‘boy’ sheets!

This soon evolved into hot sex and love-making with a partner.

So this was the real deal! This is what I was missing!

Sex is a form of intense pleasure (when done right) and one that all humans need. We all crave it! We are animals, after all, we are all built for connection and sex is such a wonderful way to express this.

As I have grown older and become more in touch with myself and my journey, I found sex to be an amazing act of love. That isn’t to say that you can’t have a connection over one night – you can!

Yes, you’re all probably think – PRUDE! Well That’s certainly not me, quite the opposite in fact!

But I found once I fell in love and then went through intense heartbreak, it was hard for me to just freely give my body away for a very long time. I thought there was literally something wrong with me!

I had changed. It was a massive shift.

Everyone around me was having sex and I was over here … well, not having sex!
People would ask me, “So, did you get laid this weekend?” I’d be like “No, I didn’t give my special place to a total stranger this weekend!” LOL

It all seemed strange to me! Even the thought of what I had done in the past was strange! No regrets, however – it just felt different!

I started to read up on sex and spirituality, and what I learnt was fascinating! The yogis believe that the other person’s soul becomes one with yours. So, in saying that there would be a hell of a lot of cleansing and inner work to be done if you didn’t know that person very well or had multiple sexual relationships with people – all that energy being held captive in your bod! That’s like inviting an unknown energy into your soul.

I began to think perhaps that’s why people take so long to get over a break up and perhaps how love addictions form.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that there are people out there who you can definitely have a great night with. There will be numerous moments when you meet someone you have an intense connection with, great conversation and an instant attraction. In that case, it’s a full body yes! sex is healthy, you just have to make sure its a definite yes and not something your using to run away from other issues within.

If it’s not a full body yes, don’t bother.

My life coach (the wonderful Melissa Ambrosini) speaks about how we should erase the word should from our vocabulary. She explains that as people we should never do something because we think we ‘should’ be doing it!


Nothing like waking up in the morning with a hangover and have no idea who your lying next to, or the location in which you chose to dwell for the night right! Mmmm …… inspiring!

I guess what I’m trying to say is be careful how you choose to move your body. Be careful who you choose to share it with. If you’re having sex to escape from the real issue that you need to deal with (you will know by the awful feeling you get in your gut the next day) like healing your heart first, or learning self-love, then choose again. Be ready. Especially after a break up.

Respect yourself, honey. Don’t hide behind a sea of sex expecting to feel amazing about it! If it’s a full body yes, then by all means go for it! Have fun and enjoy the moment! Explore your sexuality! Nothing beats good sex and if you only choose to sleep with people you have great connection with, you won’t have to bother with bad sex again!

If it’s not a full body yes, take your beautiful self home to your cozy as fuck bed and know that you chose you.

The most beautiful of them all






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