• P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N •

(And how to kick its ass!)

Procrastination had forever played a huge part in my life. I practised it daily and became so good at getting absolutely nothing done! Procrastination kicked my ass!

Procrastination exists in most people’s lives, but what those people don’t realise is exactly how big a deal it is!

How toxic it is!

How much it can ruin their entire life.

How it will shut down the big, delicious, passionate, purposeful, unbelievably dreamy lives they could be living.

And why they should combat procrastination and resistance forever!

That’s it! Banish procrastination to the depths of hell immediately! (It’s good to imagine procrastination as the enemy – someone you don’t like at all!)

As you can see I’m very passionate about this subject. Perhaps this is because I let it run my life for too long and I now know what it feels like to have combated it.

I believe the reason procrastination is taken so lightly amongst our society is because we have become comfortable with it. Half the time we don’t even know it’s happening!

It’s like “Oh, I might sit down and write an awesome blog post …. OR I could get stuck in the vortex of Instagram and Facebook.” We have so many things pulling us out of the moment that it’s so easy now to just get side-tracked from the particular task at hand! The work! The stuff that keeps our souls excited and our brains in check! Leading us to the big, pearly gates of OUR DREAM LIFE!

Procrastination has a huge relationship with fear. It’s fear’s mistress and they love each other – A LOT!

When we are afraid of something that we might actually desire or enjoy in life, we procrastinate. That’s quite strange behaviour, when you think about it!

Literally, I would be thinking, “I really want to start getting into photography!” So, it starts off as a positive feeling, then within time (when things start getting serious and you have assignments and pressure heaped on you) you just freeze! It’s like saying, “I like this activity, but I’m too scared I will fail, so I won’t do it at all.”

Yup – that’s safe! I would rather fail out of choice than fail because of the fear and negative (false) thought that I was bad at what I was passionate about. This way nobody will know. They will just think I dropped out.

You often hear stories of people who become ill and are given a matter of months to live, so they start doing the things that their soul calls for! The very things that their soul has been calling for them to do their whole lives! The very things that they ignored and procrastinated over until they were literally on their death bed!

Why wait? Because that person is no longer afraid now. Fear isn’t a problem now because they know they’re dying!

Is this really what it takes to combat procrastination?

This leads me to my next belief that kind of sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not. I believe that sometimes procrastination can come from other places, like not being as interested in the task anymore. You will notice the difference!

This does happen, and if it happens and it’s truly how you feel, let it go! Yes! Totally give it up! It’s taking up space and precious time in your darling mind to worry about! Don’t do anything unless you are so pulled towards it that you can’t help but want to do it! You’re obsessed with it! You could have moved onto a new and beautiful project that totally lit you up!

Just say to yourself, “I’m not enjoying this nearly as much as I used to, therefore I’m going to move on from it”. Simple. Own it.

Your time is worth much more, so you will be doing yourself a huge favour by letting it go! Don’t be afraid that you’re quitting. Rather, think of it as though you are throwing away a stinky pair of shoes that don’t fit you! And you wouldn’t wear shoes that don’t fit, so why would you continue a project that no longer fits who you are?

These two things (procrastination and letting go of something that’s not bringing you joy anymore) are very different, because the feelings are very different. The reason I know this is because I have let go of something that no longer fit me and the feeling I got was totally free, happy and content! I was very excited to have let that go.

I have also procrastinated over something I loved immensely and felt terrible – sick, gross and worthless. This was something my soul wanted and I was afraid. Afraid I would be no good! So, I did nothing.

The trick is to look fear and procrastination square in the face and admit that you’re afraid, admit that you’re worried what people may think of your book, or art or creativity ……. and …… DO IT ANYWAY!

Push forward, don’t let fear stop you. And don’t let laziness stop you. If you’re too lazy to do the work, then you will simply not move forward. You will not evolve and you will not get the end result that you dream of.

It’s one thing to daydream about the end result and it’s another to do the in-between work, from start to finish! It has to be done! Enjoy the in-between work! Grasp it with those non-procrastinating hands and run with it! Flow through the hard times and enjoy the process! It’s all a part of it.

Act like procrastination is an actual human being that doesn’t want you to succeed in living your dreams, and kick its sorry ass!

If you allow yourself time to actually sit and do the work (uninterrupted), you will feel such an intense amount of achievement that you will start to feel a lot more worthy and you will get better and better at combating procrastination until one day it simply won’t be an issue at all.

Don’t wait until you’re in God’s waiting room, start now. You’re worth it!

Let me know how you go!

love you!






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