Riddled with rush.


Rush, rush, rush, rush….Noise, noise, noise, noise. 

Hectic aye. I’M DONE. 

Of all the years i have studied people, Read book after book, listened to 100,000 hours of some of the worlds most profound and knowledgeable teachers. Some habits are hard to kick. 

This has been my experience. 

I have always thought that i have to DO MORE. The little voice in my head would say “Get up doll, time to move int, you’re not doing enough”. What a putrid thought to have on play. Imagine someone beside you just telling you to hurry the fuck up all day. Dumb. 

This has been my underlining thought pattern for years. If i want to be “successful” i have to sacrifice a lot and i have to work hard. 

I knew there was another way, because i have been threw long periods of “allowing, trusting and surrender” This thought pattern just always seemed to seep through again. Like green mist. 

It wasn’t that i felt undeserving either. I feel deserving of “easy”. It was because this was  a main topic in my household growing up. My dad worked unbelievable hours in his own business, “money doesn’t grow on trees kid.”

I had been conditioned. Heavily. From a very young age. 

I was and still am very “eye on the prize” So much so, that it never really occurred to me that i was in-fact, most of the time, in a state of pure overwhelm, riddled with “RUSH”.

I never thought to stop for long. Running on adrenaline! I got so good at to that i would kick so many goals and the more goals i kicked the faster i would go. 

It felt odd to sit for too long. Unless i was sitting in meditation (which i scheduled time for every  day) or on my yoga mat, i was experiencing utter overwhelm. God forbid i feel at peace outside if these times. 


Pulled up on the side of the road and just took a big deep breath. I was looking at myself through the eyes of someone else. A stranger, with deep concern. 

In that moment o had no thought. It was like the mouse stopped running on the spinning wheel. All i heard was “be lazy”

Those words rung on my head. BE LAZY. How?

Now let’s discuss the word lazy. 

Lazy was foreign to me. Even i judged it. All the while, “lazy” is what i needed in order to get my power back!

I was depleted, Spending hours of my time hunting for jobs, anxiously scrolling waiting of that email. I was doing nothing to raise my vibration. It felt like my cells were on fire. 

The word lazy has a bad rep doesn’t it. 

It has a really unpleasant connotation to int. This my friend is humans measuring themselves against pother humans based upon a flawed premise and that flawed premise is “The more you do, the more you’re worth”.

And this my friends is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. So rushy. 

The truth is, the better you feel,The more you allow. 

You could not be more deserving of an easier life. 

Tend to yourself.

I cannot describe to you how necessary it is to tend to yourself. In order to be of help to anyone, This comes first. Become fiercely loyal to your own needs.

Carve out more time in the day to be with yourself, where nobody is telling you what to do. Blissfully satisfying your own intention. 

We are all so hooked on the rush. There is a misconception in the life that “if things are easy, they are wrong”, “Its too simple, you must be  a phoney or spoilt. ”. 

But wouldn’t we all lie a sense of easy at some point. Doesn’t lazy sound so luxurious right now?

I want to extenuate the ease more! Not the “hard”.

I no longer want to justify how hard im working in relation to others. I would much prefer to emphasise how much well-being is flowing to me more effortlessly. Not chasing it and bulldozing it to the ground. I want to teach vibrational alignment before action.

So i leave you with these 3 things that will ensure you stay “up” and when you fall, you will come back quicker and remain more at peace. 

– Meditate for 15 minutes a day. 

– Go outside no matter what the weather and move around in it. Acknowledge it. Be in it. 

– Buy a notebook and write all the good shit that is happening in your life. 

-Trust. Always trust the process. 

It’s time to wake up now. Be more aware.  

Be more here.



Kisses xo







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