Fressssh… you all know how much i love a fresh minimal look right! well here it is, at its finest.

I  travelled Europe last year, i went to embark on a spiritual journey with my best friends, we walked from France to Spain and it was wonderful!

Once the trek was over, my fashion brain went into over drive the moment we hit the city! Balance is key and you know it! So i spent my entire life savings  on clothes in the first half hour (when in Rome). You know that moment when you’re so happy with all of you’re purchases but you also have mixed emotions on how you’re going to continue paying for life itself. That was the moment i had. I had spent so much money i felt gross LOL!  it was the same feeling  when you have been in a full on instagram vortex for an hour, only to look up and realise you have been aimlessly gazing into that screen for so long now, 15 people in and you don’t even know who they are! all you know is that you want what they have and you are never going to get back that time you spent stalking their life that is most probably not anything like what you just envisioned! LOL come on guys, don’t lie….we have all been there 😉


So after my shopping binge, i got over the fact that i may have to remortgage the house when i got home. I set off to Mykonos happy as larry thinking that its just a small little island and there will be no shops there…it was a calming thought. Once i arrived, i was very very wrong! Mykonos had some of the best boutiques i had ever seen! It was ridiculous guys! They even had Chanel! CHANEL!! in Mykonos! i was in trouble and all of a sudden became strangely comfortable with selling the house in exchange for all the clothes i could buy! I purchased everything i could possibly want and rinsed my worries away with mojitos in our super lavish hotel for the next 5 days!

No regrets whatsoever 😉

Well played Mykonos…well played.

Enjoy your weekend folks! it winter here in Australia now and I’m freezing but i love it because i get to wear my Alice Mc Call coats and thats winter goals! its also my birthdays this weekend so i get to surround myself in loved ones and celebrate over red wine and good eats! 31 and loving life! Peace out xx




LOCATION: Fremantle, WA

EVENT: A day in Freo

STYLE: SHIRT; Mango,  JEANS; Ziggy Denim, SHOES; Converse, EYEWEAR; Quay



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