Chivalry… What is this? it still has the same meaning in 2016 as it did a thousand years ago. So what has changed? have both genders forgotten how to be with each other.

Have we lost touch. This subject may be more uncomfortable for some more than others, it is a controversial subject and one that many people have chosen to either stay out of, or delve right in. We are living in a very delicate world these days and I feel very passionate about what I’m writing and even more unapologetic about sending it out to the world to be read. There is truth to this and after many endless conversations with both woman & men, it seems other people agree also.

Back in the day woman were simply not allowed to do what men were, at school we were made to take home economics and learn to iron the perfect pleat on a skirt. We were simply there to fulfil our roles of providing dinner on the table upon the arrival of your everlasting husband every evening, sending him off again to work in the morning with a beautifully packed doggie bag- certainly not what we would call it back then LOL , and a kiss on the cheek. The woman would stay home and look after the children. My oh my how times have changed! and isn’t it wonderful that woman have grown and evolved so much now, to become CEO’s of large corporate companies, successful entrepreneurs and even run for president! we are smart, we always have been, only now are we allowed to show it.We have freedom to follow our deepest desires! to live our dreams and let our incredible unique selves shine, its perfection. I simply could not live in a world where i couldn’t have an opinion , and as much as i preach that i may have been born into the wrong generation, i believe that is not the case at all, i am wild and free and that is the only way a girl like me can be. I live for passion, i live to daydream, i live for early morning nudie swims in that rough ocean, i live for passionate encounters, i live for full body kisses and perfect conversations with strangers. What a wonderful world! settling in a mediocre life for me is impossible. I, like many woman are much like “mona lisa smiles” and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then comes love. This is were i believe things have become a little twisted, a little complicated. I hear a lot of woman constantly saying things like “why can’t i find a good man?’ “all men are the same”, and the absolute worse one of all…”i don’t need no man”. This makes me cringe when i hear it. Perhaps more so now after the endless conversations with wonderful men on the subject over the past year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all men are great and wonderful, there are men out there that have hurt you, torn your heart out worse than ever, What i am saying is that woman do this too. We my friends are equal. Men is not above woman and woman is not above man and its high time we made this clear. Never ever see yourself as above anyone. We are all humans born into this world and it may have taken woman this long to be able to let their true feminine power shine, lets not spoil it by speaking ill of the opposite sex all because you may have had a bad experience with one.

This brings me to my next point. Men are programmed to look after a woman. This is what makes them feel like men. Its not something to judge and more so something to be proud of. Men know that you can do it all on your own and thats probably a huge turn on, they also know that they want you to leave a little space for them in your life, For them to protect and serve you, to know that they feel needed and wanted is some what detrimental to a mans world, that without it, they probably feel totally useless. Woman have slowly become so independent that they seems to have picked up this attitude that “they don’t need no man” Its feels so great to be a self sufficient female, and to know that no matter what you have got your own back in all areas of your life, financially, emotionally, You have got everything you need. The truth is, we do need men, and they need us. We love men just as much as they love us. Since i turned my life around and cleared the toxic energy “including people” from my space on this earth, i have attracted great men. I was also brought up by an exceptionally great man. His name is Rick James and he is my dad. He would move heaven and earth just to know my sisters and i were in good hands. Knowing that he would feel like a totally failure at even the slightest mishap while growing up really made me realise just how wonderful and kind hearted some men are. Its just about attracting the right ones.

You as woman are very powerful. You hold more power than you could possibly dream of. Men worship woman and just as much as we want him to treat us right, we must follow suit and give the same respect. Just remember that you teach people how to treat you. I don’t have problems with men because i know my worth so i immediately won’t stand for the player, and neither will he. If you know your worth you will attract the right people. If you have found yourself in a terrible way with a man, if you have been hurt physically and mentally beyond belief, we need to heal your heart. I understand that this may be hard for you, this may be almost unbearable to read, but that old story is no longer your truth, and if you are currently in a toxic and abusive relationship with a person that may not be treating you well, You must follow that intuition and make a change. Life is short and its waiting for you. Be gentle with yourself, seek help and return to love within yourself. You are beautiful.

I believe its time to return to love, to respect. Letting each other be authentic and play our roles as the feminine and the masculine. This is no different in same sex relationships, there is usually always the masculine and the feminine. We compliment each other and if there is too much masculine in a relationship you will find yourself butting heads more often than not. Lets start showing respect for each others power. In making this mind- shift you will actually find yourself getting along with each other so much more. The sex will also improve and nobody has time for no sex, or even worse bad sex!
Be conscious of how you are showing up and the words you speak.

So next time you hear yourself saying “i don’t need no man” rephrase that. Instead say to yourself, i am an independent and highly valued woman and i attract independent high value men. Don’t get into that toxic vortex of gossip with your gal pals about how “shit men are” you will only end up forming that as a belief in your mind and once a belief is set in your mind, it than becomes a habit and that habit becomes permanent! once that permanent belief takes over it then starts to manifests, You will start to meet people that simply do not treat you well. You create your life and the people you want in it. Its important to keep the thoughts clean (most of the time 😉 LOL teach people how to treat you and you will find yourself having the most wonderful conversations with the most amazing people.

So there you have it boys an girls…. chivalry… lets bring it back!






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