Nothing on this planet could ever stop me from living a creative life.


One of the best books I have ever read on this subject was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This imaginative and clever author has a way about her that gets you totally hooked. You find yourself wanting to scream (in a good way) at everyone around you who is searching for an explanation as to why they are not being creative!

In this book she explains creativity in a way in which it is shrugged off and even down-played.

It’s just creativity, she says. It’s totally meaningless; and also ridiculously meaningful!
So, why not do it?

Creativity is one of the things in life that has no rules, no regulations, and no boundaries.

It’s play time!
Free time!
Time to do and create and make art in any which way we please!

Right? Heck yes!

So, why do we constantly place such huge expectations on our art and creativity?

Why do we worry that others won’t approve or like it?

Is it because we worry we won’t be good at it?

Are we that complacent in our lives that we simply abandon our art and creativity?

It almost feels like we are bullying our own creativity!

There does not have to be an excuse to make art – it’s something you can do for free, simply because you totally adore it! (We weren’t born to just work and pay bills.)

Nobody is going to die because you wrote a terrible blog post, or the novel you wrote wasn’t published, or the art you created didn’t sell.

It’s time to stop placing so much expectation on your creativity, before you drive it away for good!

Instead, love it, cherish it, be patient with it and take fucking good care of it.

As Elizabeth puts it…
The fate of nations does not depend on your creativity, so why not do it?

These amazing words, my friend, make me want to dedicate a huge amount of my time to creativity.

It makes creativity my very best friend, who I intend to take care of for the rest of my life.

My hope is that it also encourages you to be inspired to test your creative waters!

Get creating, babes!






LOCATION; Kalamunda hills

EVENT; Soul chat shoot

STYLE; Spell

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