I have only recently come into my feminine power again in the past 12 months.

I believe that when I went through such heartache and having to watch my then lover go through hell also resulted in me becoming the carer. I didn’t feel sexy, I didn’t feel like making love, and I didn’t feel like walking tall. I had become the mother to my own romantic relationship.

I’m not saying that wasn’t meant to happen that way. I believe that everything is unfolding precisely as it is meant to, and if I was ‘mama’, to be there as the caregiver in that particular stage of my journey, then so be it.

What I am saying is that it’s a really nice change, to feel so free and feminine again.

It feels like spring has arrived and I’m from Game of Thrones, walking through a beautiful forest with an army of men ready to do battle – holding power and elegance all in one.

Women are very powerful creatures, aren’t they? Depending on the way in which we choose to carry ourselves, that is.

There is nothing that makes me feel sexier then this outfit. The long, draping maxi skirt in that beautiful deep, mysterious midnight blue colour. The Gorman top that screams ‘she’s a lady!’ (and one to be respected), as well as being able to imagine it on the bedroom floor 🙂 perfection!

I have to walk with immense pride in this outfit or it doesn’t seem to have the same effect. If you are marching down the street 100 miles an hour in this attire, there is something wrong.

The effect instantly goes from sexy goddess to rushing frazzle.

This is the exact reason why I dress for mood.

If I wake up and have a whole heap of life admin to do and I know I’m going to be frazzle dazzling through the streets of Perth trying to get things done, I will wear baggy ripped jeans, a plain white tee and a pair of black original Chuck Taylors.

When I want to step out feeling like a sexy feminine goddess, I slip into this.

How fun!

What’s your favourite feminine outfit?

Do you wear it often?

Perhaps you should pull it out of the closet soon 🙂






LOCATION- Fremantle WA

EVENT- Another perfect day

STYLE- Top; Gorman, Skirt; MOSSMAN, Sunglasses; VALLEY EYEWEAR, Shoes; Op Shop

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“Mother to my own romantic relationship” I’m not even sure what that means exactly to you or to me but I freakin love it !

You are right conflict destroys the spiritual, creative & confident self
Perhaps that’s why clothes that are harmonic between themselves and the individual in them can restore self respect
Mellifluous indeed !

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