When you chase a cat it runs away.

This is precisely how life works. It’s a little thing called control and human beings are really good at it!

In more ways than one human beings have been taking matters into their own hands for what seems like all of eternity!

We want something, so we chase it. And more often than not, it starts to drift further and further away until it can no longer be seen or heard of!

I can think of a hundred times when I have got something in my head, totally obsessed over it, placed an astronomical amount of pressure and expectation to it, and attached a great big fucking story to it ….. only to see it run a mile! Whether it be a job, a house or a lover …. the list goes on!

Not long ago I found myself with writer’s block. It’s a normal thing apparently LOL, but for a fresh new blogger this was a living hell. It’s excruciating when you have so much to say and it’s all up there, and you just struggle to simply put your thoughts into words!

I found myself completely out of the creative vortex, totally obsessing over needing something to write, that it blocked me completely!

I spent every day sitting in front of this laptop writing a few measly sentences. I spent all my days totally engrossed in my own thoughts and the present moment. I had well and truly gone ‘walkabout’ by this stage. I felt a huge, heavy blanket cover me, and as far as I could see, I was not coming out the other side – this was it.

If I could visually describe the amount of unhealthy control I had flowing through my body, it was green mist, and it was seeping all over me and everyone could see it! Yup, actual green mist. I was over. My writing career was over.

That’s when it occurred to me. I was totally in my own way. I had started placing huge expectations and a shit load of stress on myself to write something, and on that journey the only subject that my mind kept coming back to was “I can’t write”. That is the exact phrase that would come to my head – “I can’t write”. Tragic, I know.

This is not the only example – there are hundreds! Think of a time when you got something in your head. You thought about it so much, and what started off as a healthy and inspiring idea, then turned into green mist.

I notice it happens a lot when women, in particular, fall for someone. It starts off good, then you start to over-think the small stuff, then you place the story, the control and the manipulation, and then you believe it. And then in your head that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. Then, before you know it, GREEN MIST.

Another perfect example is business. Starting your own business is risky enough, especially if it involves following your passion. This makes it 100 times worse because the pressure to succeed in that field is huge! You think, “Well, what if I fail?” So, you start to try and control it far too much and before you know it you are so far in your own way that manifestation has run a mile – along with all your clients.

Human beings are very smart and they can sense fear and control a mile away!

And really all that’s happening is, you have time on earth, so you are spending it doing something you love. That’s it. It’s never going to be failure because you love it. You are more or less chasing your own creativity and passion right out the door the moment you place stress and expectation onto it!

We are not born with this trait. It slowly creeps in with age. We learn to control things, and manipulate a situation, and this is unfortunately where all of our disappointment comes from.
I can tell you right now that control, expectation and manipulation just do not work.

Most of the time we don’t even know we are doing it. We could say, “I’m going to make my boss give me a pay rise”, when what we should be saying is, “I’m worthy of a pay rise”.

Or we might also say, “I’m going to make that man love me!” And let’s be honest – that’s just downright impossible!

What we don’t realise (and sometimes we even do realise it) is that the harder we push, the faster it all runs out the door!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you just sit back and do nothing! I totally believe if you want to live your dream life you have got to go get it! I just don’t believe that we have to chase it! I believe that if you chase something to the point of obsession, you lose the true meaning of why you wanted that ‘something’ in the first place, and instead you are chasing it out of fear.

Humans have this idea in their head that if it’s not hard, it’s not real. It’s almost like it’s meant to be an intense struggle and if it’s not, then it must be phony. “Too easy” they say?

Well, I’m telling you right now, in my experience, the more I chase something and fret over a situation, the more obsessed I get with it, the faster it runs.

But, the moment I let go and trust the process is the moment it comes. Manifestation finally has room to move! You have been in the way for too long and you nearly missed out!

Babies are a perfect example. Yeah, a silly one but a perfect one. Babies don’t know control (even though they appear to always be the centre of attention and can control a whole room) 🙂 If a baby wants something, they just ask, right?

If they are hungry they cry, if they are happy they laugh. They literally don’t know control or manipulation. They just be! They are always living in the present moment. They can’t walk or talk and they manage to get everything they need!

Now, I know this seems like a far-fetched way of explaining this due to the fact that it is our duty to protect our babies, but just imagine if this trait never existed?

If we wanted something we would just ask! Imagine the time we would save! There would be no attachment to the end result because whatever is meant to be would be, and all your desires would make manifest because you would have total trust. There would be no negative stories and attachment because you would be so present and so free of any sort of green mist!

The whole reason we control is due to lack of confidence and distrust in the process. It’s all fear.

Just remember that Manifestation is always working for you – it’s working around the clock! You just have to give it room to breathe.

Don’t be that needy human wanting and needing everything to be exactly the way you want it. Stop manipulating a situation to get the end result that YOU want. It will only work against you. Let it go and just be.

Just be. Make manifest and get the hell out of your own way, would ya!

PS- I love you







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love your words Babe. Your writing always has such an impact. Thank you for sharing ❣️


Thank you beautiful xx


So true Mary. I liked your analogy of the baby.As adults we do tend to put our slant on things way too much, like when a toddler paints their first painting and as adults we ask if its a painting of mum or dad or nana or a a tree and after a few nods the child will finally give in and agree that its mum or nana, but really we are just putting our view on the painting which could have just been an abstract piece of art from the toddler, nothing more, nothing less. cheers Barry


Thank you Barry! Its so true. As adults we tend to really overthink far too much. xx

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