Gut health guys! Sound boring?

Its not. its extremely interesting and very bloody important actually!
Besides the fact that GUT is the grossest word ever, gut health is a real thing and its crucial to not only the longevity, but more importantly the quality of your life!

So lets get down to the nitty gritty.
What is your gut responsible for? Ok so your gut has the biggest responsibility ever! And yeah the heart and lungs are up there as the CEO of your body, but let me tell you, the gut is the humble secretary working her ass of trying to digest all your shit!, keep your mental health in working order and fight off disease! In fact your gut is so incredibly intelligent and efficient that along with all the other stuff it has to do in a day, it also manages to deal with the elimination of toxic and waste!! wow! Thanks gut! much appreciated.

Your gut is responsible for breaking down all the food we eat and absorbing all the nutrients that will support our bodies functions. This includes hormone balance (very important) healthy skin, and ultimately giving us the energy we need to help us live our best life. Its so funny when i go on about energy and people switch off. I used to switch off! hearing mum rant on about my energy level’s?…boring! Now im the one happily bleeting on about it! because guess what? we get older and we start to lose some. And then we feel it! then we get it. We take it for granted UNTIL WE DON’T HAVE ANY!
There is a lot of things i could easily give up in this world and my energy is most certainly not one of them. Having energy is life! energy is what we need to feel alive and well and fun and excited and zest! so take care of it, Monitor it. Massage it and find ways to get more of it!.


Thats what i am here to help you with. And maintaining a healthy tum and feeding the bugs good bacteria is where this all begins my friends.
70% of of the immune system is housed in the gut. Now you see why is might be a good idea to give our digestive system some love every now and again right! High five gutty! lets get to work.

So because i’m actually just a big giant nerd. Im going to talk a little bit about the science around the gut and use a few big flash words that you’re going to just love!

Lets start with Microbiome.
Which is really just a big fancy word for bacteria (aka) microbiome, microbiota or microflora.
These micro thingy’s are a large community of 100 TRILLION cells working away inside of your belly. And guess what. They’re  not harmful, they love you very much and you have got to treat them with respect or they will cause you a great deal of pain, rinse your wallet of many dollar’s, cause huge anxiety and you will most probably spend years  trying to fix it.

So what are they and how do they all fit inside my tummy?
Well that’s because they are teeny tiny guys! The bacteria inside your tum tum are tiny microscopic single celled organisms.
Sounds super gross aye? Its not. Its fucking cool.

Now these teeny tiny bugs that live inside your belly are precious cargo and they must be looked after. I will repeat that a lot!
Your gut is your second brain (I like to think of it as my first) therefore everything is connected to it.

Now lets talk about how to look after them and what food’s you must consume in order to keep them jolly.

These magic micros ( I really like to think of them as a seperate entity, give ya gut some personality and you’re more likely to look after her) anyway they need to be fed with all the right foods and the main one they love is probiotic’s!  live food!

Think fermented food’s!
The process of fermentation involves the bacteria or yeasts converting the sugars in food to organic acids or alcohol.
These foods are usually rich in lactobacillus which is a type of bacteria that will benefit your health as apposed to Enterobacteriaceae (phew! big word)And all it really is, is a bacteria that causes inflammation and a number of chronic diseases.

Here’s a list of fermented foods and other eating habit’s i have taken into my life to help feed my bugs and keep them alive and kicking! Remember to SLOWLY start consuming the fermented food’s. I can’t stress that enough. When you first starting out, your tummy will not be used to it so its important to ease into it. I started with a tablespoon of kimchi everyday, increasing it as i felt fit. Use your intuition with this one.


– Yoghurt (only the yoghurt that is made from milk & bacteria mixtures, Often referred to as “starter cultures.”

– Kimchi
– Sauerkraut

Your belly loves these foods. Start (slowly) introducing them guy’s.

2. Prebiotic’s baby!

Ok now for the awkward friend of the (feed the bugs) family!

Don’t confuse Prebiotic’s with probiotic’s. OK. cool.

Prebiotics are the foods that are non-digestible and they support the the growth of beneficial microbes in your intestines.
As prebiotic foods road trip through your your digestive tract, they won’t actually get digested. Its not until they meet up with their bestie PROBIOTICS! that they serve as the nourishment for the very important micro-organisms. To dumb it down, prebiotics feed probiotics so that they can perform the duties in order to keep you well!
Prebiotic foods are high fibre foods.
Heres a list because we love list’s, right 🙂

– Chicory Root (often used as a caffeine free replacement for coffee)
-Dandelion Greens
– Jerusalem Artichoke! (YUM!) Cooked in hot rosemary butter.
– Leeks
– Banana’s
– Barley (cooked like a risotto dish) 🙂
– Oats
– Apples
– Cocoa
– Flaxseeds
– Seaweed

Go for gold on these foods.

3. Fruit & Vegetable’s!

Now there’s a sound idea.  Eat ya greens!

Fruit and vegetables are the best source of nutrients for a healthy microbiota. Simple as that. You don’t need a list. Make your plate look like garden basically.
These foods are incredibly nutrient dense and will help with the growth of gut bacteria (the good type) including Bifidobacteria, (sounds like a dinosaur) which is just a fancy word for a bacteria that helps break down foods, helping the body take in nutrient. Basically going to battle to prevent the take-over of bad bacteria. Bifidobacteria beings to the lactic acid bacteria family commune.

4. Slow down the sugar intake. (especially artificial) Or kill it altogether.

Sugar. The delicious white death angel!

Your taste buds love it but your precious baby micros hate it and you will pay the price.

Trust me! I feel ya when you say you can’t! We have our very own baker Mumma on Board the ship i work on and she is AMAZING at baking sweet angel death cakes, LOL
Its a battle. But one i am not willing to take because i know how my micros feel it about it. (Ok i lie, i have maybe…( I DO ) ..have one treat every 2 weeks. ) On a Sunday, and i eat that sweet fudge brownie with the baked bloody jam with love! let me tell you that!
However it is few and far between. Eating sugar every day is like buying a coffin and knowing you’ll reach it before your time. Thanks but no thanks sugar baby!
Sugar and bad bacteria are best friends, and when ingested, they have babies until there is an entire colony of bad bacteria in your gut. This causes total chaos throughout the body! Thing’s  like autoimmune disease, diabetes
skin allergies are just mild conditions. Depression is the worst. In my eyes, once your mental health starts to fail you. This is when the real issues manifest. This is when its bad.


Now we are getting to the real stuff. The connection between the gut and your mental health. Who would have thought they would be so heavily linked!
We do! thats who! and more importantly, why the heck weren’t they teaching this in school when i was attending! (ok so truthfully i wouldn’t have given a damn about gut health and depression back then) but still, it would have been nice to know. In this day and age i believe its CRUCIAL to be teaching our younger generation these things. Kids these days are in a world of fun but are also suffering a world of anxiety too! There is a lot more technology pulling them out of the present moment and not to mention the comparison they hold for others. This generation are addicted to dopamine. (Now that’s a whole other post.)

So what exactly causes the depression… Well there is number of things, i have spoken before about the vibrations of different foods. Good foods vibrating at a high (now measurable frequency) that are measured in MHtz. Good foods (leafy greens and other fresh organic veg) vibe at around 30 MHtz while gross food vibes at around 0-4 MHtz. That is low and will cause disease. Cancer starts at 25 MHtz. A healthy human body should be vibrating at around 67 MHtz.
This all relates to our mood so what you eat matters. SO MUCH.

In a nut shell, this all comes down to self love. It comes down to taking really good care of yourself. When you start on the road of self love, personal development and self soothing. Your anxiety and depression will slowly start to clear, giving your life new meaning. You will start to feel a huge amount of love in your heart for not only yourself but all living things. Everything will just start to feel better. There are a number of things you can do to raise your vibe and help your body help you.


– Meditate morning and night for a minimum of 10 min.
– Eat high vibrational foods.
– Think high vibrational thoughts. Train your brain to think like an optimist.
– Implement a gratitude practice
– Stop gossiping.
– Clear out any clutter from your life.
– Choose your friends wisely.
– Start dancing in the morning.
– Journal.
– Make love more.

In conclusion to all of this gut chit chat… There is so much connected to this topic, and one that i simply can’t cover with one blog post. But this is certainly a good start.

Life is short. Put raising your vibe first. Create a life that you don’t need a holiday from and feed your gut the food it needs.

Good luck you sweet honeys! Let me know how you go.




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