Joel Andersoen, have i told you i love you this week? Yes, ok probably a few hundred times LOL. Truth is you can never really love your best mates enough can you! Being that Joel and i are now working at different locations makes it extra special to get together and spend time together. Friendships need just as much work and effort as romantic relationships and if you’re anything like me, all my relationships are equally important.

Anyway! back to the fashion!

Here is Joel, looking as cool as a bloody cucumber!

I absolutely love this outfit on Joel. If i had the job of dressing men on the daily i would always go for the “Simple is best” theory. Don’t get me wrong, as much as i love a good pattern shirt, i adore men dressed in simple, fresh attire. Think blacks, whites, greys, mustards, navy blue! all the classic colours of the rainbow.

Joel pulls this off swimmingly and lets be honest, there is nothing sexier than a humble man, wearing a nice watch and beautiful classic leather footwear. “Beau Coops”,  Jesus, that man sure knows how to make a divine pair of shoes.

I have added all the juicy links to all of our favourite brands below Gods & Goddesses!

Enjoy your Sunday!…. swim, eat, kiss & love.





LOCATION: The raw Kitchen, Fremantle WA

EVENT: Fifth Shoot

STYLE: JEANS; Insight, SHIRT; New Albion, FOOTWEAR; Beau Coops, WATCH; Deon Dane







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