A few months ago, my darling friends and i thought it would be a great idea to go to laneway. Laneway being a music festival where people get all kinds of fucked up, forget about society and expectations for a moment and drift off to the sweet sound of some of the best musicians in Australia! yup thats right, best bloody time ever!

One of my favourite things to do is meet strangers! I’m all about it! and thats what i love about festivals. Everybody is always high vibes, full of love, vulnerable and raw. From the rough and tumble rants at the bar while waiting for your drink, to deep and meaningfuls in toilets (its a girl thing )
only to sit there and promise that you will see each other again! “I promise, we are friends for life!”, we tell each other. We then exchange numbers and as soon as we rise in the morning with a killer headache and an endless hunger for melted cheese and fresh white bread, you have forgotten about your new best friend and have already moved on.

This was not the case at all this time.
I met Riley when i noticed him sitting near our crew, my friends started talking to him and next thing you know it happened, we have a orphan and a bloody good one at that!

So with a beard full of glitter, we chatted the whole day through! its was great. What was different about Riley was that he had come on his own and he had come with a purpose.

Riley is a football player, he is also a growing and evolving young man who had lost his passion for that only to realise that he had become passionate about nature, passionate about spirituality, passionate about life, travel and all that it could offer him. He has a strong desire  to make a difference and without hesitation he set out to do just that. Riley has recently started a brand by the name of infinitree. He sells these shirts and with every purchase a donation goes towards the plantation of trees by people living in poverty stricken countries such as Madagascar, Ethiopia a Haiti.

As we all know i love hearing about peoples lives, i love hearing what lights people up, their passions, their missions so you can only imagine how thrilled and inspired i was to se this 22 year old surfy boy travelling Australia with the intent to meet people and help save our planet. This is the stuff we must look at in admiration. This is what our real work is, to create a happy and healthy environment for not only ourselves but our children and future generations. A lot of people roll their eyes at this subject, thinking “this hippy bullshit”. This is not just hippy bullshit, this planet is ours and its our job to take care of it during our stay here on earth.

Not only do we stand for a good cause, My amazing friends and i also had the best time getting these pics and its nice to know that the people i choose to surround myself with and completely in align with me.

So there you have it, i hope you enjoyed my enviro rant, it was nothing like Leo”s global warming speech but it was enough for me to feel a sense of gratitude.
I have added links below to Rileys website for you all to check out his range of Tee”s and hats!

Peace Out homies.






Shirts; Infinitree

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