Lazy girl! Lazy girl!

Ok so not literally, but how perfect is this dress guys! It just takes quirky to a whole new level.

Sometimes life shouldn’t be taken as seriously as we think. Sometimes you just have to  chuck on a dress that looks like it belongs in a 6 year old girl and put that dress on a 31 year old woman and do a fucking dance. It makes me feel free, and childish and cute. The white chucks really add to the effect that i was going for here, keeping it clean and not over the lop. No accessories needed here. Don’t do it.

Lazy Oaf is one of those brands that screams authentic, it only ever gets better and i have an entire wardrobe full of it!

Founded by the wonderful Gemma Shiel in 2001, the brand itself started a small run of mens T-shirts in the back of her fathers garage! 17 years later and she has climbed to the top of the fashion chain and now sells in stores worldwide! Go Gem!

Well i must go, i have a flight to catch and friends to serenade. Have an amazing weekend! dress well and return to love.





Dress: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: Converse


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