With the streets of Fremantle humming and the sun shining, it seemed like the perfect day to shoot!

It was my very first photo shoot and (with many nervous weeks behind me) I met with my photographer. Over coffee we chatted about our hopes and dreams. She perfectly aligned me and saw my vision to create a blog about soul, while incorporating my love and passion for fashion and style.

She was amazing and really helped to calm my nerves, and the time spent together was well worth the money and even more so, my time.

We developed a great friendship and continue to encourage each other through our journey of creativity. It’s important, when working with people, that they align your mission and vision. Especially being fresh in the blogging world, you need love and encouragement.

Thank you, Naomi, for my wonderful introduction into the world of photo shoots and blogging, and thank you for the friendship and time well spent.


Here I am wearing an entire Gorman outfit, with the exception of the sunglasses by Valley eyewear and shoes by the amazing Sol-Sana. If there is one designer who lights me up and makes me feel alive, it’s Gorman baby!  Gosh, the moment I step foot in that store I feel like dancing! This top was purchased as a duo and has a beautiful matching pair of pants, (great for weddings!). More on the duo later.

On this particular day, it was ‘stolen from its lover’ and matched with this incredible pair of electric blue culottes! This outfit feels amazing to wear, oozes confidence and adds a little edge to life! Perfect for a lunch date with friends or a night out. Or you can even add a hat and take yourself to the races!

LOCATION – Fremantle, Perth

EVENT –  My very first shoot!

STYLE –  TOP; Gorman.  PANTS; Gorman.  SUNGLASSES; Valley eyewear.  SHOES; Sol-Sana






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