.Floral Fantasy.

Fashion is so fun! Lately i have had so much free time off work that i find myself constantly stuck in active wear! Nothing wrong with that, i never know when I’m going to want to stop and do a downward dog in the park on my travels or join a HIIT class so I’m … Continue Reading

Little Black Dress

Love a little black dress! But love it edgy right!. As much as i appreciate a girl in glamour, i am not really that girl at the best of times. This dress by TOBI is life! I love how to breaks into two pieces giving it a really flattering feel around the waist. As much … Continue Reading

.Snow White.

Hello my white in shining armour! Gosh i love ya! White is life. Lets get that straight, ok. Its also good to add a little creamy goodness in there, this helps soften the look. In this case i have paired the androgynous and minimalistic jean and tee combo, with a rather lush and lavish coat … Continue Reading

.Get out of your own way.

When you chase a cat it runs away. This is precisely how life works. It’s a little thing called control and human beings are really good at it! In more ways than one human beings have been taking matters into their own hands for what seems like all of eternity! We want something, so we … Continue Reading

Less Trying . More Living

You try to hold water in your hands. You kneel down to scoop the water from the beautiful flowing river’s bank. You hold both hands so tightly together with such resistance and you scoop that water into your hands. Do you manage to keep that water in your hands? Does that water start to seep … Continue Reading


Lazy girl! Lazy girl! Ok so not literally, but how perfect is this dress guys! It just takes quirky to a whole new level. Sometimes life shouldn’t be taken as seriously as we think. Sometimes you just have to  chuck on a dress that looks like it belongs in a 6 year old girl and … Continue Reading


Ouch! This one hurts. Rejection is one of the most painful experiences a human being can endure. Rejection is also inevitable. Unfortunately in this wicked wild world we live in, we have to endure pain – rejection being one of many things that comes to mind when I think of painful situations. The fact is … Continue Reading

.As Fresh As Mykonos.

Fressssh… you all know how much i love a fresh minimal look right! well here it is, at its finest. I  travelled Europe last year, i went to embark on a spiritual journey with my best friends, we walked from France to Spain and it was wonderful! Once the trek was over, my fashion brain … Continue Reading


Let me ask you something. What company are you keeping? Strange question? Or extremely valid question? This question right here was the exact question I was asked three years ago and the exact question that I never forgot …. What company am I keeping? Who am I choosing to spend my time with? This wasn’t … Continue Reading


A few months ago, my darling friends and i thought it would be a great idea to go to laneway. Laneway being a music festival where people get all kinds of fucked up, forget about society and expectations for a moment and drift off to the sweet sound of some of the best musicians in … Continue Reading