.Handsome & Humble.

Joel Andersoen, have i told you i love you this week? Yes, ok probably a few hundred times LOL. Truth is you can never really love your best mates enough can you! Being that Joel and i are now working at different locations makes it extra special to get together and spend time together. Friendships … Continue Reading

.Talk To Strangers .

It’s 2017 and boy do we live in the fast lane!! Everything these days seems to be moving at lightning speed! Our phones have taken over our brains and a vast majority of our precious time, and I fear we are beginning to forget how to communicate. It’s so ironic. As much as I believe … Continue Reading

. Zimmermann Doll .

One of my bestie’s was so kind to have given me a juice voucher a few months back. Now thats not just any old juice voucher, thats a pressed earth juice voucher! Pressed earth are a Perth based company who provide the most amazing array of fresh cold pressed juices that come in the cutest … Continue Reading

.Quit comparing.

It’s no secret that we are living in a world now where social media has become a huge part of our lives. This can go two ways. It can either inspire us, or deplete us. With social media like Instagram and Facebook being somewhat of a shrine for the world to see and for us … Continue Reading

.White on Rice.

After being in Europe for a month with my ride or die Rhys!  I needed this outfit. We had trekked through the mud and rain of beautiful Spain wearing only 2 different sets of active wear for 7 days straight! Now as much as i love that shit!…. trekking is my thing! i also love … Continue Reading


Guilt … the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving – that painful, destructive and largely unhelpful emotion. I have to say I have never felt the pull to write about guilt, until now. I write about things as they come up in my life, and others around me. Guilt is a subject that has been coming … Continue Reading


I really can’t tell you how many times in my life I have heard… but you’re nearly 30! Shouldn’t you have kids before 30? Shouldn’t you have a house before 30? Shouldn’t you do this and that before 30? This, my friend, is up there with one of the most BS conversations you could ever … Continue Reading


Henrik Vibskov. Even the name just speaks for itself doesn’t it! HENRIK VIBSKOV. Ahhhhh he is a fashion designing god. Ok so let me give you the run down…,Henrik Vibskov is a very handsome Danish fashion designer. His work is part of the “New Nordic Movement”. He applied for the school of art and design … Continue Reading


Ahhhh! …. divine timing … what a juicy subject! Imagine a world where everything is strategically occurring in divine timing? A place where your future path is already set and where it is now up to us to ride the journey and let it unfold precisely as it is meant to? The moment before someone’s … Continue Reading


Overalls! … dungarees! …sheesh! Whatever you want to call them! Who doesn’t like a pair of dungarees? These have the perfect amount of swag and are so cute for any day of the week! There is just something fun about them. one-teaspoon always seem to get it right so one could only imagine that these … Continue Reading