It’s no secret that we are living in a world now where social media has become a huge part of our lives. This can go two ways. It can either inspire us, or deplete us.
With social media like Instagram and Facebook being somewhat of a shrine for the world to see and for us to also reflect back on beautiful past events, it can also have the opposite effect on some people, bringing feelings of unworthiness and comparison.

These feelings can actually become a lot more serious then we believe possible! I have recently spoken to a few girls about this topic and although some won’t admit it, it can become a stomping ground for our ego, completely lowering our vibrations and leading to blockages in anything good coming our way.

I believe social media is such a great thing and it all comes down to the way you choose to look at it and what you choose to indulge in. We are in such a great time to inspire people through social media and if we choose to use it for the good of people and from a place of love and fun, then we can actually learn so much! I’m here to give you little bit of advice on how we can break through these feelings of comparison so that we can have our cake and eat it too!

Firstly, choose what you want to see! Just like everything in life we have the choice – What I choose to eat for breakfast will determine how I start my day. What I choose to listen to in the morning will help shape my day. The thoughts I choose to think will determine my life. All these things are by choice, and just like our physical health, we must also take care of our mental health.

If you are feeling like you want to get fit and healthy, then by all means follow the girl with the hot bod! It’s very admirable to dedicate your life to health and fitness and even more so to put yourself online! However, if you’re feeling like you are comparing yourself to the point where you are no longer enjoying it and you’re out there flogging your body and it’s making you feel like shit, then I suggest you stop following that person for now until you are in a better place within yourself to be able to look on in admiration and respect, rather than from a place of fear, comparison or jealousy.

Just remember social media is a shrine! It’s a highlight realm! And so it should be, there is nothing inspiring about putting negativity all over social media. When you go on Instagram and Facebook all you are seeing is people, a bunch of beautiful, cute as fuck human beings just trying to share their life with you. They have bad days too! You might come across someone who is ridiculously good looking, has a million dollars in the bank, with 10,000,000 followers and the coolest clothes out! Don’t think that their life is always what you see in the pictures. It’s just a moment that you’re seeing! Everybody has their insecurities and we are all only human. It’s important to remember not to judge and not to compare. I know it’s hard at times – you could be at an all-time low, but getting uber likes on a photo is not going to determine your status unless you let it, and it is most certainly not going to make you more worthy than anyone else.

Self-love is the best medicine for comparison! And so is the company you choose to keep. It will remove any form of worthless feelings from your life, leaving only feelings of acceptance and worthiness. When you are happy in your own skin, it shines bright! Everyone around you notices. You won’t have a problem following anyone on Instagram when you have mastered the key to self-love. I talk about it constantly and I’m totally unapologetic about it! It is the quickest way to a happy life and I hope that everyone takes my advice and starts a self-love journey.

Put yourself first and fill yourself up so that others around you get the very best of you. Love yourself enough to not worry about what others think of you, pour as much energy into yourself as you do comparing yourself to others, and I promise you that your life will take a dramatic turn for the better, allowing you to be more inspired a daily basis! You will start to attract the right people into your life because you’re being authentic!

And authenticity is where it’s at, you little honeys! Trying to be like someone else is a total waste of time. Human beings aren’t silly, they can feel it when you’re not being authentic. It shines just as much as someone who is, except with the opposite effect. There is nothing sexier then when someone is 100% authentic and proud to be who they are, just as they are:)

So, now I’m curious! And be honest! Who have you compared yourself with? How has comparing made you feel? How did you get past it?

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Beautiful Mary!
Thank you for inspiring so!
Your words hold deep medicine ~ Yes, when we hold crystal clear clarity of our essence we can celebrate all that we are with conviction…and celebrate that of others. Thank you xo


What a great read !

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