Vibrations and frequencies! I’m all about it and I’m so excited to get straight into this topic.

When I first started on this journey I used to get readings by a clairvoyant and I found there was a heck of a lot of information out there, and that at times it’s all very conflicting and overwhelming. I may be a walking-talking contradiction, but only with the small stuff, like food, sex an alcohol! Sometimes, I want it all and other times I will preach for it all to be gone! LOL

That’s fine; that small stuff is play school. What I did want clear in my life was what I believed in. This was hard when I had chosen to allow a lot of knowledge into my buzzing and curious mind all at once!

I had Anthony Robins on repeat, Dr Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey in the background hanging out, then at the same time I was getting readings done by people who told me they could foresee my future! You will marry a man in a blue car and he will be wonderful!?

Hah? Too much info! I’m now overwhelmed and need to create some space in my brain to figure it out!

That’s when I stopped getting readings and started doing my own research to find out what my true beliefs are. I went deep within (all the answers are within).

I started reading about frequency and Vibrations… Now, I am a firm believer in science and spirituality. This is a stern mix between the two. I love them both equally! Spirituality explains the feelings of faith inside of me, and science is there to back it up.

Quantum Physics has now proven that everything is energy. This really got me thinking. If everything is energy and energy can change and shift – its limitless – then why can’t we do that with our emotions in order to create certain experiences to better our life? If energy follows energy and like attracts like and bad attracts bad, this mean that we can change our own personal frequency and start vibrating at a higher level! This will start to attract incredible situations to occur within our lives. However high or low you are vibrating will actually determine how easily your life will flow and basically determine how happy, healthy and fulfilled your life will be.

So, I had finally found what I believed in! I believe that we create our future; I believe that we create our own thoughts and we have the choice – the choice in what we feed our body, the choice in what we feed our minds, the thoughts we choose to believe and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

Now, I’m going to head off on a little science rant, so bear with me! I love to have things backed up by science, so you may also find this super interesting!

Every object on this planet, still or alive, has an electrical frequency that can be measured accurately. Frequency is the number of waves that pass a point in any given time and it is usually measured in a time of one second. So that gives frequency the unit hertz (Hz) because one hertz is equal to one wave per second. Now that may not interest you as much as it does me, but this is in fact a perfect indicator of everything that i have ever wondered! We as humans are incredible radiating machines! Every living element in our entire body radiates! Our beautiful brains operate on electrical current, our ears absorb sound vibrations, and we produced voices and temperature! We are already so incredible.

So once they started finding out all of this information it became very clear that there are frequency differences in healthy humans as apposed to ill ones. Scientists determined that the average frequency of the human body in the day time is 67-72 Hz. When the frequency drops to lower levels the immune system suffers causing disease, anxiety and depression. 58 MHz is precisely where disease starts. This makes it essential to only be involving ourselves with high frequency activity and foods! (especially foods) more on this later.

So, now that we know all this stuff, where do we begin, right? It’s easy to gain the knowledge, but when we are in a state of depression, anxiety and fear it’s easier said than done.

I of all people know that; with every inch in my cells I knew what I had to do; I just genuinely didn’t have the energy. When dealing with the negative emotions the first thing we stop doing is the soul stuff – the very stuff that makes us happy. It’s like a big, ugly vortex that sucks us in, the negative emotions transforms into negative energy circulating around our beautiful minds turning it into one big shit farm! A shit farm that starts to get worse and worse with every negative thought.

If there is anything I have learnt it’s that this shit is important. Raising your vibrations is vital in creating the life of your dreams, and if you’re vibrating low, that feeling of peace and clarity will drift faster than you will notice, and your health will deteriorate.

Did you ever notice when we are vibrating low, bad things happen? You start to think you have terrible luck! Even small things – you fall down the stairs, stub your toe, get shat on by a bird, wallet gets stolen! Annoying dumb shit will just start happening left, right and centre! You know what I’m talking about, I know you do; we have all been there, baby! It’s hectic.

So I’m not going to sugar coat this. If you want to raise your vibrations, you have got to do the work. END OF STORY.

You have got to get up out of that rut and make it happen. The best way to start this is to figure out what kind of life you don’t want so that you can be clear on what you do want. Now, let me take you on a journey into how we can raise our vibes!

Vision Boards. The first thing I did when I started to become clear on what it was that I did want was make a vision board. Vision boards are the perfect thing because human beings are very visual people. So, I sat down with a bunch of magazines and began to cut out anything that inspired me. I went to KIKI.K. (the most aesthetically satisfying stationery shop in the entire world!) and I purchased myself a vision board that resembled a giant pin cushion! This I found was much better for me as I was able to pin inspiring pics to it and when something no longer resonated with me I would simply just change it 🙂

This vision board had quotes, dream homes, cars, food, fashion, family, and pictures of a healthy lifestyle. It was the best way for me to “come back” into a positive head space. All I had to do was ‘vision’ that lifestyle and I wouldn’t give up. It’s the perfect manifestation tool because eventually you can actually feel yourself in that world. Fake it till you make it, honey!

Let go of grudges. Holding onto things that no longer serve you is like laying under a heavy blanket, or even more so like shovelling shit up hill with a sharp stick!

It’s worse for you than it is for the person you are holding a grudge against. If we are energy and you continue to hold onto that heavy energy, don’t expect to be vibing very high at all. Even the word ‘grudge’ holds vibrational feel. LET IT ALL GO.

People Pleasing. There are so many lessons and teachings that we have grown up with, and people pleasing is one of them. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency humans can feel it; we are such clever creatures! So, this can be hard for the empath. People will start to take away your beloved energy and you will be left with nothing. I know you have all felt this. When you’re around that one person that totally lights you up! Or that one person who completely depletes your energy. That is the perfect example of someone who is vining high or vining low.

Let’s try and un-learn this right away, guys. Stop living other people’s lives. You will only regret it! Remain authentic in knowing that you must fill up your own cup first. You cannot save, nor please, everybody so it’s an endless and agonising task. Love people and yourself enough to say ‘no’. I don’t want anyone doing anything for me unless they really want to anyway. Your friends and family will eventually thank you for this and will probably follow suit, seeing how much it will have changed your life.

Stop Gossiping. Girls, this one’s going to be hard. LOL. Gossiping is something we learn in school and I don’t believe that it’s because we are bad people; it’s just become an everyday habit. It has got to stop. I admit that there have been many times in my life when I have been around others who have been gossiping and I have joined in – didn’t even think twice about it. Only as I have grown older and learnt a thing or two about frequency, do I now understand why I felt so terrible in my tummy after a big, juicy gossip session.

Gossiping is a waste of bloody time; the person isn’t there to stick up for themselves and it’s the most low vibrational act out. Stop gossiping and start lifting others up. The quickest way for me to break this habit is to imagine that person who we were gossiping about was five years old and had the cutest, most loving, parents. It brings me straight back and out of that rabbit hole.

Be Creative. We forget this one. We grow into boring old adults and forget that we are made to create! Creating is love and love is vibrating at a frequency of 528Hz! Get creating! Paint, write, take pics, write poems, make love! Create. End of story.

Stop trying to be perfect. Perfection is a perception and perception is flawed. I hate to tell you this, honeys, but you will make mistakes! It’s life. Fuck off, perfection! You are dead boring and nobody wants to be your mate. I am done with you and I will preach that until the day I die.

Gratitude. Create for yourself an elegant daily gratitude practice. The other morning I got up super early, and being that I was wide awake I thought it was perfect timing to get up and watch the sunrise. So, I drove to the beach. I often meditate down there. I had my eyes shut for 25 minutes of my meditation and as I opened them, I couldn’t believe the beauty of the nature in front of me! I was so grateful I felt it rush through my entire body. To see these two beautiful birds gliding through the air with such ease and grace was just magnificent – it took my breath away. So, if I can be happy and so filled with gratitude, and over something so simple and free, image the possibilities? It’s the small things, guys. It really is.

FOOD – I have saved the best for last. I cannot express to you the tight relationship between food and frequencies. They are homies! Ride or die homies! (literally).

So, as I discussed earlier, a healthy body holds a frequency of 62-72 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system starts to fail. Here are some interesting facts I have come across:

Genius Brain Frequency – 80-82 MHz
Brain Frequency Range – 72-90 MHz
Normal Brain – 72 MHz


Cold and flu starts at – 57-60 MHz
Receptive to cancer forming – 42 MHz
Death starts – 25 MHz

Fresh foods – 20-27 Hz
Fresh herbs – 20-27 Hz
Dried foods – 15-22 Hz
Dried herbs – 15-22 Hz

Processed and other canned foods (which in all honesty is what a majority of people are eating these days) are sitting at a low 0 Hz.

So, it’s safe to say that substances with a higher frequency will destroy disease and better yet prevent it from forming.

To raise our vibrations and get on top of this, we should really be choosing whole foods, organically grown foods and even better, GROWING OUR OWN! It’s fun and creative!

Start eating high vibrational foods and it will change your world.

High vibrational foods

Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables – if it’s too exy for you, go to the farmers markets every Saturday! Or grow your own.
Natural supplements like spirulina
Herbal teas
Herbs and spices
Pure or filtered water
Healthy oils, like olive oil and coconut oil
Nuts and seeds
Fermented foods
Raw chocolate
Raw honey and maple syrup
Grains – buckwheat, brown or black rice, amaranth and spelt

So, there you have it, babe. How to raise your vibrations in the form of a blog post by yours truly :).

Just remember to have fun with this! I am not all about being crazy strict and stiff! I’m all about having fun and enjoying life, and raising those vibes is going to make sure you do just that!
P.S. I love you



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This is so on the money and expressed so eloquently in so few words it will now be my go to recommendation for anyone I know who needs lifting up.
Thanx Mary xx00xx

Good health starts in our sub atomic level with our own electronic and magnetic fields playing a crucial role in not only who we are and how we feel but also how we relate to others and the world around us. When we say “we are on the same wave length” or “”they put out good vibes” that is our perceptive but oft ignored subconscious self tuning in to the quantum fields of others.

We all know that sad thoughts make us depressed but few will admit or comprehend that happy (creative) thoughts can cure depression, forever!


Youre very welcome Matty.
It has so much more to do with science. I think once people see that they are more open to learning about it.
Ps- I hope you are well my friend xx

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