Gut Health

Gut health guys! Sound boring? Its not. its extremely interesting and very bloody important actually! Besides the fact that GUT is the grossest word ever, gut health is a real thing and its crucial to not only the longevity, but more importantly the quality of your life! So lets get down to the nitty gritty. … Continue Reading


If there is anything that has grown on me dramatically in the past year, its street wear! Love love love it!! I like it best when its clean cut and has sharp edges. This top by TOBI is both edgy and clean, its also so comfy and soft and lets be honest, its all about … Continue Reading

.Floral Fantasy.

Fashion is so fun! Lately i have had so much free time off work that i find myself constantly stuck in active wear! Nothing wrong with that, i never know when I’m going to want to stop and do a downward dog in the park on my travels or join a HIIT class so I’m … Continue Reading

Less Trying . More Living

You try to hold water in your hands. You kneel down to scoop the water from the beautiful flowing river’s bank. You hold both hands so tightly together with such resistance and you scoop that water into your hands. Do you manage to keep that water in your hands? Does that water start to seep … Continue Reading

.Being the priest.

This is by far one of my most favoured outfits ever! Perfect for winter this outfit always makes me feel like i’m wearing high end fashion with a dash of swag! This outfit feels totally effortless!  perfect combo if you ask me 🙂  I wear this out a lot during the day and yet it … Continue Reading

Meet the family

I grew up on the ocean in a small beach town called Waihi Beach. From what I remember of my childhood, we were privileged kids – had everything we could have desired – and more. We were blessed. I had two mums – my birth mum, Gina, and my step-mum, Bronwyn. Two solid rocks in … Continue Reading