Gorman, you have done it again!

In a mad dash, after a very busy working week, I had to quickly find something to wear to one of my best friend’s wedding! I usually have so much more time and being a master organiser, this threw me right out! The moment I lay eyes on this little number, I knew it was mine!

I was well aware it was risky, but the feeling I got when I tried it on was sheer perfection. And from that day on, I was the proud owner of a striped tailored woman suit!

Stripes can be very risky – especially when wearing them head to toe! You can well imagine the remarks that were made – some quoting it being ‘new-aged prison chic’, while others looked on in disgust.

Meanwhile, the fashion addicts were all in the corner drinking champagne and discussing how Gorman should run for President!

Sometimes, you just gotta go with it! Be authentic and wear what you love – not what others will love.  A splash of red lippy and an oversized black hat, I was good to go!

Thanks, Gorman, for always getting it right while remaining totally authentic in your designs. I’m your ‘ride or die homie’



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